SQL Server Health Check

Like a sick patient, if SQL Server is not healthy it won’t perform at peak performance. Worse still, it can lead to catastrophic failure where you lose your data!

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SQLWatchmen’s SQL Server Health Check Gives You a Clear-Eyed View into the Engine of Your Mission Critical Systems

When you want to know where you stand in terms of database system performance, the SQLWatchmen SQL Server Health Check is a detailed and comprehensive analysis that will deliver the information you need to keep your systems running smoothly.

Our SQL Server Health Check covers the most common problem areas in databases, with both high-level and detailed technical information about how your system stacks up against best practices.

What information does the Diagnostic deliver?

The SQL Server Health Check will give you a clear picture of information like:

  • How well your backup system is running
  • How safe your backup files and transaction log backups are
  • Which queries consume the most CPU and Disk IO
  • If any sections of your database are harboring corruption
  • If your server configuration is set up correctly
  • And more!

Maintain a Sexy Beast of a Driving Machine

Your technical infrastructure works together in a manner similar to how your car runs. There are a lot of different, moving pieces – all working in concert. There are critical pieces of your car that if one part is having issues, it affects the performance of the whole vehicle. Like tires for example – basic, but critical.

Whether you are talking about your car, or your database, finding and fixing common problems before they turn into major issues is the best plan. Proactive maintenance means your database will cost less to run, work more efficiently, and keep your business secure. It means you’re less likely to have a blow out while you’re driving 360 in the rain.

Knowing the details of how your database is setup and being managed is key to your business success. This information provided by the Diagnostic will guide any needed configuration changes or process improvements needed to improve your overall database performance.

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