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We’re the neighborhood watchdog: Real people with names and faces who are just around the corner, available at a moment’s notice to help you prevent a server breakdown.

We Play Long-ball

We view our customers as partners. Partnerships grow strong when they are built to last. It is our primary goal to save our partners money and internal resource hours working on their databases.

Sometimes potential clients come to SQLWatchmen they need quick work done to repair a server collapse. Sometimes the best course of action is to move on to a new vendor for a period of time. With SQLWatchmen, you are provided with the right advice.


We are Transparent

Transparency is open communication and letting you see what we are doing. We don’t treat our services as a black-box, and we don’t take action without collaboration. By the end of every billing cycle, you will know exactly how your money was spent to improve your database.

We provide an itemized report of actionable work with our proprietary in-depth SQL Server Analysis Tool. This shows you how effectively we are managing your SQL Servers. You finally have the information you’ve always wanted: Insights into how well the DBAs are caring for your servers!

The “Abundance Mentality”

Our motive is to help you be successful and your company to grow, knowing that we had a part in it. Our success is defined by how well we are able to help you succeed.

We are not interested in holding on to all of the resources or knowledge, in fact, we make a point of educating our partners whenever possible. Each year, we teach others how to be more effective DBA’s for their employers.

Our history starts back in 2001 in the middle of the dot-com bust. Our founder, Jim Murphy, started a technology company which included custom programming and Microsoft SQL Server work.

The company grew to a point where in 2008, we split the Microsoft SQL Server operations into a separate company and SQLWatchmen, LLC. was born.

In 2008, some of our clients were still in growth mode at the time and needed help scaling their business, with data being a key component of that. Other clients were shrinking and laying off but knew that they couldn’t lay off their last DBA without qualified people to take the reins.

Operations started in our garage. Well, being in TX, one can’t survive in a literal garage! So, Jim’s small 12’x12′ home office was our ‘garage’. Hey, low overhead was great! But eventually, we had to expand. We needed office space.

Even during the “great recession,” we were growing. Growth has since been healthy and steady. Jim bootstrapped the company himself; refusing outside money (Private Equity, VC). This means that he didn’t have to answer to outsiders who care only about profits. Jim has grown the company 25% to 45% annually, year over year.

We continue to have double-digit annual profitability to match our double-digit annual revenue growth to ensure we’ll be around for a long time to come. Did I mention we are looking for larger office space?

If You Need Help Get In Touch Today

If you are interested in partnering with us, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you within 1 business day!