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Protect Your Data Foundation

Your data is valuable. You need a data platform that allows you to scale and grow. If your foundation is rocky, then what you’ve built is at risk. We protect the value of your business with our world-class database administrators!

Prevent Productivity Interruption

When your database is unavailable for any reason, every minute counts! This will cost you in lost revenue, employee productivity and your reputation. We’ve worked with businesses large and small, and we’ll work with you to design the best solution within the bounds of your budget.

Optimize Your Database’s Performance

A database is a living organism; we understand how environment variables, data growth, user load and other complexities affect database performance. We will discover the root cause of poor application response times – then improve them!

We keep the lights on

If you suffer data loss, are you going to be out of business tomorrow? What is your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) or RTO (Recovery Time Objective)? More importantly, what is your RTA (Recovery Time Actual) – the actual time it takes to perform a recovery while your employees or customers wait. These are questions you should have answers to. You may think that your organization is protected because your backup jobs are working. But you would be amazed by how often our clients discover that their backups are corrupt or lost due to the the same disaster that destroyed their data.

We help you scale your data

Every day, you have more data to manage, more customers to handle and more users accessing the system. In a dynamically growing system, yesterday’s bliss can turn into today’s production shutdown. This causes your customers to wait on employees who are waiting on the system. These wasted cycles harm your profitability. Who would want to use a slow application if a competitor offered a faster one? We will help you stay one step ahead of the competition by reversing this trend to keep your SQL Server performing optimally.

Fractional DBA

Skilled DBAs are a necessary part of a successful IT team, but do you really need a full-time employee to manage your data? In some cases, small companies only need a few hours of DBA work per month. Even if you already have a full-time DBA, they aren’t available 24-7-365. As your partner and SQL Server Consultants, SQL Watchmen fills in the coverage gaps so your team can apply their skills to what is best for your organization. All of our DBAs are 100% U.S. based on-shore resources.
White Glove has been using SQLWatchmen for several years. White Glove is very careful in choosing partners to work with our clients. They have consistently delivered highly professional and dependable service for clients we have introduced them to. Their professionalism and honest, straight-forward approach to their work is greatly appreciated by all of our clients. Honesty, integrity, morally-engrained core values and a highly skilled staff have made SQLWatchmen our go-to partner for all of our clients’ DBA needs.
Tony Williams

Executive VP, White Glove Technologies, Inc. (sold to mindSHIFT in 2013)

SQLWatchmen is the perfect resource for any firm which depends on its databases but doesn’t have the budget for a full-time DBA. Jim impressed me with his thorough knowledge of all things SQL and obvious mastery of the tools and utilities needed to evaluate and protect our database servers. We count on SQLWatchmen’s remote dba services to keep things healthy, and when we’ve had any issues at all, SQLWatchmen has been wonderfully responsive. Of course, the best thing is that we do not have to call them often for problems, as they just don’t happen on their watch.

Chris Gibson

Chief Operating Officer, Popp, Gray & Hutchison, P.L.L.C.

I appreciate everything that the SQLWatchmen team has done for our datacenter deployment project.  Thank you for being flexible and responsive. SQLWatchmen has been a GREAT partner in the process, and our team at ProjecTools sincerely appreciates your professionalism!

Ric Flores

Project Manager, ProjecTools, Inc.

SQLWatchmen has always been very responsive, thorough, and eager to help.
Jason Aminto

Director of Technology, AVAI Ventures, Inc.

Timely Support

We’re available 24/7/365 when you need us most. If you’re database is in crisis, call and speak with one of our SQL Server Consultants today.

Clear Communication

Mistakes are caused by bad communication. At SQL Watchman, we excel at bridging the language divide between technical speak and business terms. If you need clear answers, just ask.

Advanced Technology

Our custom, state-of-the-art Database Health Check is an exclusive tool for our customers. This proprietary tool and report monitors the health of your system and provides you with insights into how well your server is functioning.

If You Need Help Get In Touch Today

If you are interested in partnering with us, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you within 1 business day!