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Steps to Safely Moving MSDB in SQL Server

If you are just getting started in your role as a SQL Server DBA, at some point in your career you are going to have to do some work with SQL Server system databases. That is, unless you are reading this in the year 2025 when all databases will be managed bots in the...

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Being Selective with Your IT Training Budget

If you have ever had to enter or approve a line item for employee training in your budget, then you already know it is a considerable expense.  Sending IT professionals off to training can be a worthwhile expense that can actually save your company thousands of...

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Tabulating Extended Events

You know the old joke that goes, “A DBA walks into a bar, sees some friends at a couple of tables and asks if he can join them.”?  Well, as DBAs we are used to dealing with tables. Whether the data comes from a log file, trace file, or XML, we want to turn it into a...

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