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The slowest part of most applications is the database. Increasing database performance at that level usually leads to productivity gains across your entire business.

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[Accelerate] Database Performance

Is your business-critical application running so slowly that your employees lose hours of valuable time each week sitting around waiting for the system to update? Or worse, you’re losing customers and sales because of slow response or timeouts in your client-facing applications?

Prevent These Problems:

My slow application is killing my business!

When you start to notice employee and customer complaints piling up about your application’s performance, things usually start to head downhill pretty fast from there, so the sooner you get a SQL Server Database expert involved the more time, money, and productivity you will save.

How we fix your critical application performance problems

At SQLWatchmen, we use a proven method of our putting our own proprietary diagnostic tools in the hands of our SQL expert database consultants to quickly identify performance bottlenecks, create a prioritized data acceleration plan, fix your immediate issues and help you avoid the same issues in the future. Here’s the step-by-step process we use to get your application back to peak performance fast:


SQL Health Check

We use our proprietary SQL Server Health Check Tool in combination with our extensive custom script library (compiled over decades of DB consulting) to automatically scan your entire system for performance problems.


Interpret Results

One of our experienced SQL experts will interpret the results of the scan to determine the root cause of the performance issue(s).


Prioritize Issues

Your dedicated SQL expert will quickly determine which of the major components in your server (CPU, Memory, Disk/Storage, Network) is causing the biggest drag on your performance. Once we’ve prioritized the issues and any conflicts, we can start to focus on exactly what is causing your bottleneck(s).



After we’ve made all of the necessary backups and adjustments to ensure the integrity of your existing systems, your SQL expert will start improving your application’s performance with a combination of CPU tuning, memory adjustments, changes to TempDB, index adjustments, Stored Procedure/View modification suggestions and addressing any of the hundreds of factors that can play a role in making your SQL Server work more efficiently with your data.


Minimize Future Problems

After the critical performance issues are addressed you have the option of activating a monthly plan so our SQL experts can help you minimize future problems as we keep the system in tune by performing all of the adjustments on a regular basis, preventively.

Our proven process, tools, and experienced SQL Server consultants can get your application back to running at peak database performance quickly and, in most cases, without any business interruption. Over the years, we have saved hundreds of companies from the productivity drain and customer satisfaction issues that go hand in hand with a poorly performing business database.

I need to make sure my application won’t limit my growth

Our performance-tuning services can help almost any application, by reducing how hard SQL Server has to work to access your critical data. Instead of ‘flipping through the book page by page’ to locate your application data, we can tune your SQL Server so it can find and retrieve your data much more quickly. It’s easy enough to flip through a comic book, but flipping through an unabridged dictionary to find one word is a different matter altogether.

A SQLWatchmen database performance audit can:

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