Managed Services

Managed Services compared to break and fix, and full-time personnel

Businesses which rely on data systems for their day-to-day operations often manage their data needs in one of the following ways:

  • Contracted DBA services on a break/fix cycle
  • Full-time DBA personnel on-staff

The Managed Services model is a contracted but proactive approach that has distinct advantages over these two methods, especially for the smaller or mid-sized company.

The Break/Fix Model — Calculating the Real Cost

Many companies, supposing a cost benefit, fall into a break/fix cycle with a DBA professional. They hope their systems run well and only when problems or system performance issues become unbearable, or the data system goes down, do they call in help. To illustrate why this is a costly and risky option: It is widely understood that if a vehicle is not maintained, it will increase ownership and maintenance costs in the long run. Engine trouble is a likely outcome; parts will wear out, the vehicle may become unreliable — yet, that is just the beginning. A poorly maintained vehicle that falls into a cycle of breakdown and repair can cost its owner far more than the high costs associated with a mechanic. Often, the downtime created by the loss of a dependable vehicle, the effect on time and income, is substantially greater than the cost of the repairs themselves. Similarly, when data systems go down, business often halts and the real costs of the downtime often far exceed the cost of the DBA services required to get things running again. Not only can this downtime be painfully costly, but can also have an adverse effect on customer perception, which damages company image and can be a direct cause of client loss. Additionally, a real concern is the inability to budget for this type of sporadic emergency service. Clearly then, the break/fix model of database management is less than ideal.

The Employee Model – A Better Choice?

To prevent the aforementioned problems, many companies elect to hire a full-time, DBA professional to perform regular diagnostics and maintenance on the data systems. This is certainly safer than leaving the health of critical systems unmonitored and data unmaintained. The costs, however, are sometimes a painful liability. The yearly salary of a full-time DBA professional is typically in the range of $75K to $100K per year. When you factor in benefits, taxes, the cost of necessary equipment and software to perform the job, etc., the real cost of a full-time DBA pro is high. Often, a company may have systems of a size that do not occupy a full-time employee to justify this cost. In short, the break/fix model is risky and problematic, failing to address the real needs of the business. The employee model is highly costly to establish and maintain. Fortunately, there is a third option: Database Administration Managed Services from SQLWatchmen™.

The Managed Services Model — A Smart Choice for Smaller and Midsized Businesses

Most smaller and midsized businesses have the same core data needs as the largest mega-conglomerate: reliable data systems, regular off-site backups, optimized performance, around-the-clock monitoring of critical systems and reliable and trustworthy response when problems arise. Every organization needs a solution that gives them the confidence to move forward and grow without worrying about the safety of their data. Managed Services from SQLWatchmen is the optimal solution for the smaller to midsized company. Our affordable, flat-rate monthly services provide the following benefits over in-house staff or break/fix contractor model:

  • A proven, experienced team of database professionals working behind the scenes for you
  • We provide the necessary equipment and software tools to manage and protect your data systems
  • 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week, 365 day-a-year software monitoring of your critical systems
  • Regular maintenance and performance tuning of your databases
  • Regular off-site backups
  • Fast response times in the event of a system issue
  • Multi-tiered, affordable services that fit your company’s size and needs
  • Readily scalable service levels, which can be adjusted as your needs change
  • Major savings over in-house hires
  • Easy start-up, low startup costs
  • Predictable, fixed monthly costs, no surprise expenses
  • Less downtime/revenue loss due to data system problems
  • Toll free support line
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is being maintained and protected by trained professionals.

With SQLWatchmen™ database services, you can experienced all the benefits of a full-time DBA professional, at a small fraction of the cost. Most recognize the need to properly backup, maintain and protect the systems which their organization is so dependent on, but are hampered by the time, complexity and high costs required to establish and manage an in-house staff of DBA personnel. SQLWatchmen™ offers the solution via managed services. Contact us to set up a free consultation to determine whether Managed DBA Services are right for you.

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