Index Fragmentation

Has your database server grown slower and slower over time? As data is modified, indexes get more and more fragmented leading to a generally poor performing system and frustrated users.

Index fragmentation is like disk fragmentation. Although the data is stored in a single data file, SQL Server saves the data all over the data file as data is inserted and updated.

SQL Server retrieves data by first accessing one or more indexes, and then it sifts through the actual Table and returns the results. Performance problems are exacerbated when both the indexes AND the Table are highly fragmented. Add to this, a fragmented physical disk and you end up with a very poorly running system. Queries take longer, which increases blocking as well. Most of the databases that we have looked at in the Austin area are not properly maintained and suffer from horribly fragmented indexes. Peek for yourself at some of the anonymous results we’ve found!

Not with us on the watch! We ensure your indexes are not fragmented every night, when possible. Your SQL Server will be running in top shape every day so your company can get it’s work done on time.

This is proprietary code not found in SQL Server. Based on years and years of experience with working with SQL Server, we wrote our own code to solve this, and many other common problems.

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