Disk Space Logging

Running out of disk space? Who is watching to ensure your server doesn’t crash in the middle of the day?

When SQL Server cannot auto grow a data file because there is not enough disk space on the underlying drive, SQL Server will return an error for any data statements which attempt to add more rows. The error is pretty ugly and should never be seen.

Correcting this problem could be as easy as relocating some data files to other drives, shrinking some extra unused space from other data files on the same disk, dividing the data file into several pieces and placing part on another disk, or purchasing more, or larger disks.

All of these options can take some time and are not recommended while users are down and waiting for the system to come back up, especially if the only solution is to purchase more disks.

With SQLWatchmen keeping an eye on your systems, we regularly monitor available disk space and silently implement necessary changes in the evening while you sleep and while your users are not using the system. And if new hardware is needed, we sound the alarm early so you have enough time to budget for the purchase, and plan for the upgrade.

This is proprietary code not found in SQL Server. Based on years and years of experience with working with SQL Server, we wrote our own code to solve this, and many other common problems.

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