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SQL Server requires a sufficient amount of attention to perform at a desired level of optimization. Neglecting such attention can lead to poor system performance and various problems.

Common Problems: Description
Backups A safe and secure way to protect your data.
Integrity Checks A way to check if your data is corrupt.
Query Tuning Process to increase performance as the data changes.
Index Fragmentation Pieces of the index that are sprinkled all over the database data file
Waitstats Statistics to find out what SQL server is waiting on all day.
Data File Capacity Analyzes how full your datafiles are.
Statistics Tracks table and column metrics to determine best way to fetch data.
Table Counts To report on how data is growing.
Disk Space Disks that have an insufficient amount of free space.
Blocking Alerts When one user’s query prevents other users’ queries from running at the same time.
SQL Server Settings Innocent changes made by developers or technical staff that can impact production performance.
Job Conflicts Jobs that sometimes run overtime and conflict with other running jobs

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