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Row-Level Security – Concept to Proof

Row-Level Security (RLS) is one of the most often asked for features that I hear from customers.   Done correctly, Row-Level Security ensures data segregation for users in a single database. This ensures each user can only view or manipulate data that they can access....

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Attitude of a DBA

Is a DBA just a button clicker? Can a good DBA be replaced by anyone who knows the same technical skills? 'Supporting the business' can be a lot more involved. What Does a DBA (Database Administrator) Do Anyway? Some people think a DBA simply Tweets, Facebooks,...

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Best Practices for Database Schema Design (Beginners)

In this article, we will discuss a few common design decisions when defining a Schema. We’ll focus on the planning stage. There are many opinions about what is ‘best’. Here we discuss some basic guidelines which may or may not be best for your specific needs. There are two primary ways a database is used. One is Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and the other is […]

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