SQL Server Performance Bottleneck?

SQL Server requires regular tuning to reduce performance bottlenecks.  Performance tuning is complex! We can run a Health Check on your database server and provide you with a .PDF of the findings. As part of this service, we explain to you where your biggest performance bottleneck is currently and discuss a few options for resolving this issue.  Call now at (877) 775-9282 to get pricing and schedule an appointment for your Health Check!

Data is your most important asset!

Since data is critical to a company’s survival, a highly skilled DBA is mandatory.  If your company runs Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, SharePoint, iMIS or any one of the many other vendor applications which run on a Microsoft SQL Server, then it is important to protect your investment.

Can your general IT/network person or developer do it?

Simply put: No. A database server is a very different animal than other servers.  In fact, it requires so much skill, that Microsoft has many different certifications JUST on various aspects of SQL Server!  Contact us for a no-strings-attached SQL Health Check on your server. Call us today and we can quickly review your server configuration and help you understand if the settings are configured to protect your data.  Just backing up the databases is not enough.  If the backup files are not tested regularly, or if they are created on the same drive set where the database resides, then a loss of data means the backups are gone too.  Don’t let that happen to you!  A quick call to us can help you sleep better at night.

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